A downloadable game for Windows

Furball is a 4-player anti-cooperative racing game.  Made in 48-hours as part of a GameJam hosted by the SGDA @UTD.  Take the role of one-of-four very sleepy rubby-dub-tubby cats, fighting over the beds scattered throughout your living room.  

The theme was Serious Business.  We wanted to make a game about a topic that is serious to something else, but not to us.  We decided to make a game about cats finding a place to sleep, which is very important to kitties.  To take an ironic approach, we decided to take the least serious approach to the matter.  Two of the four cats are based on our actual pet kitties (Pheora and Gwena). 

4 controllers or mappable alternatives required.  Inputs are re-mappable at launch.  The fourth player may use a keyboard.

Any money donated to this game will go towards our kickstarter, InnerSpace.


  1. Joystick (left) to move
  2. A (x for ps3) to meow (pushes other cats away)


The game is FREE, just press the "No thanks, just take me to the downloads" button after going to the download.

Install instructions

The menus and fourth-player are keyboard compatible, but otherwise you will need 3-4 xbox controllers (or 360 controller emulation through something like DS3 or DS4).

If using third party controllers remap controls using the launch menu.


Furball.zip 24 MB