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I loved your game it was fun to explore the map.

Thank you!


that was a really cool game ! i enjoyed a lot the design and the art style . i hope you'll make a longer game with the same type of aesthetic . (Scrapmonger is really fun ! )


Thank you! Scrapmonger is also my favorite :D

Very interesting game. I loved the gameplay, hard (but not to hard), the grafics are very good and work very well with the theme, and the sound makes me feel that I'm in there going to the shourd.

Very good game, very enjoyable. I recommend it.


I'm glad you enjoyed it : >


This game is absolutely awesome. I love the graphics. Came across it on the random game thingy on this site


Aw thanks! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Great job. Enjoyed it, played enough to get the bus ticket and leave. Good atmospheric sound/music and I liked the dithering graphic effects. Only small suggestion would be to maybe have a different sound click when you select a location as opossed to when you click on an item (to pick it up). Game was very satisfying to play (especially when i upgraded my boots like 20x :) .

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Great environment, characters, and look. The voice acting for the characters sounds nice.