A downloadable game

Yeet your friends into orbit

2-8 player deathmatch

Made for the Lunar New Year Jam hosted by Dallas Society of Play.

In the year 20XX the Lunar Cheese Wars have reached their climax, 2-8 champions will fight it out in orbit for the cheese. Those who yeet the hardest, get the farthest. Get some friends and get ta' yeetin'.


Controllers required.

  • Left Joystick to move.
  • A to jump & join
  • X to yeet
  • B to leave


Get the files out of the Zip (I reccomend 7-zip)

Run the AstroRat.exe

Plug in enough controllers for you and your friends!

Double tap ESC to leave the game


Art - Sarah Besserer

Sound - Chris Miller

Code - Summer Tomaseski

Code Tyler Tomaseski


AstroRat.zip 33 MB

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