A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A lo-fi first-person shooter developed in a couple weeks for the Dallas Society of Play's "Spoopy Jam."

Use literal-hand guns to pop off on some cultists. Bunny hop around, take down some baddies, push forward, and try to destroy mob spawners on your way to the next level.

WASD, Spacebar, and left-click to play the game. Now, go shoot some cultists, GL HF DD.

Daniel Shaemusic & sound
Derick Janssencode support
Eric Grossmanlevel design and enemy art / fx
Sam Bolanoenvironment art/animation
Storm Hugheslevel design and juice consultant
Tim Gargiulomusic & sound
Tyler Tomaseskicode & hands

To quit, Alt+F4 on Windows and Command-Q on Mac.

Install instructions

Unpackage the zip, place it wherever you'd like. Run the .exe or .app.


Fire Season (Mac) 104 MB
Fire Season (Windows) 102 MB


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Smooth movement and nice old skool art. And yes, in my head I was singing I'm blue da ba de da.. :)


Thanks for playing! Sorry about the capsule body ;D

Hehe, that was cute. I'm a blue capsule. :)

Very entertaining game! Keep up the great work.

Thank you!


Ohw man, I love it

bizarre but ok ;D

Thanks for playing!