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Suspicious visitors...

You and your cow, Meuh, live a life of hard-won peace and quiet on the galaxy's postal bureau asteroid. 

When Meuh disappears, everyone from the shifty tourist to the rootin'-tootin' sheriff are suspects. It’s time for some Frontier Justice!

Made for the Hexcode Showdown Game Jam. Using the Funky Future 8 color pallette. We also used secondary themes OUTER SPACE and JAZZBERRY JAM.


WASD to move

Click / Space to interact

Hold Escape to quit (if on Windows)


Camille - WritingEric - Art, Code Support
Chris - SoundTyler - Code

Made with Unity and YarnSpinner.


Frontier Justice Windows.zip 60 MB


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Dude this is beautiful!  How did you make the 3d graphics for this?  is it just blender models with pixel art textures?

Very nice.Good narration choices.


Great visuals and quite the surprising story with a good pacing for unfolding it. Now I want a Meuh plushie. Or a Meuh dog toy. :)

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An amazing world, look, and feel. Outside of a game jam this style I bet can reach even farther. I enjoyed being able to decide what to do each day, including dealing with the supposedly wrong suspect.

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Incredible. Brilliant. Cannot describe how good this is! What a story, an experience I won't forget.

A masterpiece.